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Compliance Checklists

The following checklist can be used to determine if a legitamate employer-employee relationship exists:

10-Point Checklist for Family Employees.doc

This checklist can be used to assist in preventing payroll problems from occuring:

Business Owner Payroll Compliance Checklist.doc

To ensure you are properly classifying workers as employees or indepedant contractors, fill out this checklist:

Employee vs Independent Contractors.doc

* Effective 1/1/2013: Click here for the Application for Predetermination of Independent Contractor Status

Complete this checklist to see if the student can file independetly and not report parental information:

Student Independence for Financial Aid.doc


Don't miss out on any medical expenses that you may be able to claim. Click the attached document to view a list of qualifying medical expenses.
Qualifying Medical Expenses.doc

The State of Maine has recently included certain Commercial Wood Harvesters from paying sales tax on new and used equipment as well as repairs to these pieces of equipment.  In order to qualify you need to complete an application with the state.  Please see the following link to determine if you qualify;  If you need further information please contact us.

Please feel free to call the office for more information or with questions on how these different tax issues could affect you.