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Earned Paid Leave

Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 23 2020

Beginning January 01, 2021 the Maine Earned Paid Leave Law will go into effect. This law requires Maine employers with more than 10 employees for more than 120 calendar days in any calendar year must provide all employees with earned paid leave. The law requires employees to earn at minimum 1 hour for every 40 hours worked. Employees will at minimum be able to earn up to 40 hours, however, employers may opt to offer more than 40 hours of earned paid leave. Employees are able to carry over their earned paid leave time from one year to the next. Employers are only required to provide a total of 40 hours of paid leave, which includes anytime, that, has rolled over from the prior year. The law allows employees to take leaves that are a minimum of one hour increments.  Employers may request a 4 week notice prior to the employees requested leave that are non-emergency. However, employers may not prevent employees for using leave.

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