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Changes to the Maine Unemployment Insurance Tax System

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 14 2018


Payroll Clients,

The Maine Unemployment Insurance Tax system is changing.  The Maine Department of Labor is introducing their new system, ReEmployME.  They have created this new system to better serve employers and are currently transitioning all employers over.  Some employers might have noticed a few changes already.  In July, if an employer scheduled an unemployment insurance payment, the payment was posted to their account that day with no option to schedule it for a future date.  Also, employers are no longer able to utilize the “bill payment” tax type selection in the EZ Pay application to make unemployment insurance payments. 

Employers will continue to file their third quarter ME UC-1 form with the Maine Revenue Services.  The big changes will take effect when filing the fourth quarter ME UC-1 in January of 2019.  In October, 2018, employers will be able to register with the Maine Department of Labor and create an account with the new ReEmployME system.

Toward the end of September into the beginning of October, we will have available the directions to create a ReEmployME account and how to file the Unemployment Insurance Tax return.  If we currently file your quarterly returns, we will create the ReEmployME account for you.  If you currently file your quarterly returns, we will be here to assist you with creating your ReEmployME account and navigating the new system. 

Please call us with any questions or concerns you have.